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Winter weddings

Winter weddings

Sunday 24th December 2017

I tend to avoid winter weddings, mainly because the cars do not have heaters and it can get quite uncomfortable in cold weather. Warmth from the engine can filter up through the wooden floorboards but, generally the passengers and the driver get very chilly when temperatures drop. The other reason for wanting to leave the cars in their garages during the winter months is that the salt which they put on the roads when there is ice about causes corrosion in the bodywork. This means I have to jet wash the underside of the cars after a winter run.

Despite all of this, I can be persuaded to take the cars out in exceptional circumstances and that is what happened this week. The customer was a real character and she had recently experienced a run of terrible bad luck. I am a bit of a softie and I just didn't have the heart to say no when I heard her story, so I wrapped up warm and drove over to St Albans on Thursday afternoon to take her to the Registry Office and then onto a local pub. On arrival, I was welcomed in and given a nice cup of tea, presented with a 'thank you' card and a little present. The family were so welcoming, the guests were all friendly and I thoroughly enjoyed the day. Even the weather wasn't too bad and there was certainly no ice or snow. I shall still be very selective about winter bookings but this is one I am glad I accepted.