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March to October

a) Journeys of 25 miles or less £215
b) Journeys of 26 to 35 miles £250
c) Journeys of over 35 miles £250 plus £2.50 per mile for every mile over 35
d) Winter months Please ask for a quote
e) Hires lasting over 4 hours Please ask for a quote

Journeys start and end at Redbourn, Herts, AL3 7PB.

Please send details of the journey (postcodes for collection, the ceremony and the reception) for a fixed price quote.

There is no VAT to be added.

A deposit of £100 is needed to secure a booking, with the balance due one month before the hire date.

The above prices are for a 4 hour hire, starting at the time of the first pick up. Please ask for a quote if you need the car for more than 4 hours.

Please tell us if you work for the NHS as we are offering a 'thank you' discount.