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Saturday 20th January 2018

The new year has brought an increase in hits on the website and there have already been new enquiries. In an ideal world the bookings would be spread evenly throughout the year but these things never seem to go to plan. Last year July was quiet and August was extremely busy. This year the bookings seem reasonably well spaced out through the year apart from May; that month is a complete blank in the diary. I am not at all concerned about this as I don't need the income to make a living ( I would starve if I did! ) but I do like to keep the cars active during the warmer months. They benefit from being used and I enjoy driving them. So I might offer a special May discount to encourage a few bookings in that month.

If you are planning a May wedding and are looking to hire a vintage car, send me an email; you could get a special, bargain price!