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Off and running

Off and running

Monday 2nd April 2018

We are off and running! The first Heritage Classic Cars wedding of 2018 took place on Saturday. Both ivory cars were on show, attracting plenty of attention, parked together outside the Church in Harpenden High Street. It was a chilly day but the rain held off and everyone seemed to have a great time. Chatting to the bride, the wedding guests and the members of the public who stopped to look at the cars reminded me of why I so enjoy driving at weddings.

I must admit to a few fleeting moments of anxiety as this was the first real outing for the New Zealand car since I fitted a refurbished gearbox, changed the prop-shaft and replaced the rear axle oil seal. All went well, the car performed perfectly and even cruised up a step hill without complaint, so I shouldn't have worried. The hours spent wrestling with that gearbox in a freezing garage over the winter were all worthwhile! There is a now a break of three weeks before the next wedding, which presents a chance to road test the car a little more and check everything is in tip top order.