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I want a discount!

I want a discount!

Sunday 7th July 2013

There was a little flurry of enquiries last week. People with weddings in 2014 are starting to look for cars already! However one phone call was quite bizarre; the chap was trying to arrange a car just three weeks before his wedding and he wanted a special deal. On the day in question, I had one car booked and one available, so I offered him the second car at the published price. Through conversation, he established the first car was booked for an afternoon wedding and then informed me his wedding was at 10 o'clock in the morning. He went on to say his wedding would involve very little travelling and I could get away promptly which would enable me to take the same car to the second wedding and which would enable me to offer him a substantial discount.

His assertion that there would be plenty of time to do two weddings on the same day was probably correct. But that isn't something I do. All sorts of things could go wrong; his wedding could over-run, it could be raining and the car would need cleaning, there could be traffic problems; the list goes on and on. But more importantly, it isn't fair on the existing customer who has been promised she will have exclusive use of the car on the day. This chancer tried to persuade me to make a few extra pounds by squeezing in his wedding on the cheap but I wasn't tempted. I told him to phone around the other wedding car companies to try his luck with them and then call me back if he couldn't get a special price. He hasn't called back, which is something of a relief.