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A good weekend

A good weekend

Sunday 15th September 2013

I do enjoy driving my old cars at weddings and I meet all sorts of different people, which is part of the fun. Occasionally I get customers who don't want to talk; usually through nerves, and that makes the day a bit dull. In rare cases, the bride and groom can be quite dismissive, disappearing without a "goodbye" or a "thank you". But this weekend has been fantastic and reminded me of how much fun it can be. There were three quite different celebrations, each distinctive in their own way but all extremely enjoyable because of the personalities involved.

On Friday I had my first civil partnership assignment. The guests included many who had travelled from Spain and Italy and they clearly intended to have a good time and celebrate in style despite the weather. I had a great time chatting to everyone. We even trespassed in the grounds of St Albans Cathedral to get some spectacular photos with the imposing, gothic style west doors in the background. On Saturday I drove at a wedding at Shenley Cricket Club. The bride and groom were delightful and very good company. It was an absolute pleasure to part of their big day. Finally, on Sunday, I drove an elderly couple to a special family Sunday lunch to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary. This was a complimentary job which I agreed to do simply because I spoke to their son and had a good feeling about the family and also because the chap was a vintage car enthusiast. I am glad I made the offer because they were a lovely couple and they obviously loved every minute of their trip.

All in all, it has been a fabulous weekend, the car behaved perfectly, the weather was kind and I met some wonderful people.