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Mutton dressed as lamb

Mutton dressed as lamb

Sunday 19th January 2014

Every now and again, I toy with the idea of selling the blue car and replacing it with something more appealing to wedding hire customers. I have always fancied owning a vintage Rolls Royce but they are horrendously expensive to buy and paying for their upkeep is the first step on the rocky road to penury. A large Daimler or an Austin Sheerline is also appealing but I don't have the garage space for such a bulky vehicle. A while ago I saw an Austin York for sale. It was in superb condition and had extra, folding seats enabling it to take six passengers; ideal for bridesmaids! Sadly the seller wanted far too much for it and it was painted maroon and black which aren't ideal colours for wedding hire. So I regretfully let the opportunity pass.

I thought my luck had changed this week when another Austin York was advertised for sale. This was a white one which had been used for weddings and the owner was retiring and selling his cars. But again my hopes were dashed. The seller provided plenty of details and made it seem an absolute bargain but the feature which he thought was a deal clincher was, for me, the ultimate deal breaker. He proudly declared the original 1930s engine had taken out and replaced with a modern Ford power unit, to improve reliability and make the car more powerful. What a travesty! What desecration! Maybe I shouldn't be too precious but, to me, it is an appalling deception to advertise a vintage wedding car and deliver a farcical parody of one. At first glance it looks like the real thing but in reality its originality has been ripped out by a shameless vandal. I would never, ever have such a car in my little fleet.