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Welcome Bea

Welcome Bea

Sunday 26th January 2014

All thoughts of wedding cars were pushed firmly onto the back burner last week as we were placed on red alert in anticipation of the arrival of a new granddaughter. After a false alarm on Tuesday morning we remained on tenterhooks for a couple more days until the call finally came at 6:30am on Thursday morning. We rushed through the early morning gloom and arrived in St Albans in time to guide the ambulance to the correct address, before gathering the newcomer's young siblings and taking them off to Redbourn to await further news. Actually it didn't take too long as Beatrice was born just two hours later. She and her Mum were taken off to hospital so we played host to her sister and brother for a couple of days.

It is great fun looking after the grandchildren and I enjoy every minute, but their unrelenting energy dispels any illusions we may have nurtured regarding our immunity to the ravages of time. I used to run marathons for fun but now I struggle to keep up with a four year old and her two year old brother. On the plus side, I am now the nation's leading expert on the exploits of Peppa Pig and can sing every verse of "the wheels on the bus" with gusto!