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Rush, rush, rush

Rush, rush, rush

Sunday 9th March 2014

The cars were both out at weddings yesterday; the first of 2014. Fortune smiled on us in more ways than one. Firstly, the sun shone and it felt more like May than March as we basked in the warmth. The cars always look good with the sunshine glinting on the chrome and highlighting the paintwork; it does make the photographs look so much better.

I had a bit of fright on my way to Edgware. I motored happily over to Park Street and turned onto the A5 heading towards Radlett and Elstree and was confronted with a nasty red "Road Closed Ahead" sign. The vintage car doesn't have a satnav so I had to do some quick thinking. The official diversion seemed to be taking me too far over to the east and I feared it might be leading towards the M25. I never take the cars on the motorway for safety reasons so I decided to find my own way. I headed west and took the North Orbital to Garston before joining the A41 at the Dome Roundabout. I then jostled with the traffic through the outskirts of Watford before re-joining the A5 south of Elstree and headed down Brockley Hill to Edgware. Throughout this excursion, when every traffic light seemed to be red, I was anxiously keeping an eye on the clock as time was ticking away and I feared the bride might be worried. I needn't have worried as I arrived at the house with ten minutes to spare. When working out my timings, I always build in a half an hour or so of extra time for days such as this. I usually spend this extra time sitting in the car, reading a book but sometimes it is useful to have some wiggle room.