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Blue Car

Sunday 23rd March 2014

I have slightly neglected the cars this week, preferring to spend time with the grandchildren. I did spend a few hours tinkering with the carburettor settings on the New Zealand car but that was about it. In the coming weeks, the plan is to start work upgrading the blue car. In particular, the doors don't fit particularly well and, for some reason, a previous owner removed the rear window winder mechanisms. These faults are more annoying than critical but the work is fiddly and it could take a good while to sort out.

Frustratingly, in the past week I have had two enquiries for the blue car following months and months of it being totally ignored by customers. I was tempted to postpone the work and offer the car for hire but I know that if I did that, the upgrade wouldn't get done this year. It is all very well saying the job will be tackled in the quiet winter months but one's resolve does falter when temperatures plummet and my garage has no heating. In both cases I have been able to offer an ivory car as a substitute and I hope the customers don't mind too much. But the die is cast and there is no going back; the blue car is confined to its garage until rattles are eliminated and windows wind up and down.