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The long and winding road to Suffolk

The long and winding road to Suffolk

Monday 26th May 2014

The vintage cars were not built for speed. They might make it up to 40 miles per hour on a flat road and with a following wind but I never attempt to travel at such a breakneck speed. I like to keep to 30 miles per hour because it is more comfortable for the passengers and easier on the cars. This isn't usually a problem because I simply allow plenty of time when planning my journeys. However the time factor did prove to be a stumbling block today when I was asked to quote for a wedding in Suffolk. A quick visit to the AA Routeplanner website revealed a three hour journey each way, as well as the trips to the Church and the reception. Quite a marathon for a vintage car!

I don't like to disappoint customers but I had to refuse this assignment. I have no doubt the car could manage the 180 mile round trip without a problem but I am afraid the driver-fatigue would be too much of a challenge for me!