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Thursday 9th June 2016

Wedding car bookings seem to be like London busses. You wait for ages and then a bunch of them turn up together! Spring has been quiet, with just a handful of weddings but I now look at the diary and find July and August will be incredibly busy months. I am trying to be sensible when taking bookings but I find it quite difficult to turn people away. Oh well, I do enjoy driving the cars, so a busy period isn't so bad and I shouldn't complain too much.

I try to drive the cars myself as much as possible but I do have a number of reserve drivers standing in the wings in case of emergencies or to cover the days when two cars are needed. These drivers are very reliable and it is comforting to know that there is back-up on call if needed. So you can imagine my concern when I heard that one of the merry men had met with an accident and would be unavailable for driving for several weeks. Concern turned to incredulity when the details later emerged. The gentleman in question is a retired firefighter and, although physically fit, is not exactly a spring chicken. Not the sort of person one would expect to go roaring around the countryside racing a dirt bike. But that is just what he was up to until he lost control, fell off and broke his wrist!

Some people never grow up!