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Monday 23rd January 2017

So much time has slipped by since my last blog; I must try harder to keep the website up to date! I think it is high time I went through the site to change some of the photographs and check everything is current and fresh as well as making a New Year's resolution to post new blogs every month. This is the right time to start this work because the traffic on the website always increases dramatically in the New Year, after a lull in November and December. I have to admit to more than a passing admiration of prolific authors; words flow from their pens with consummate ease whilst I agonise and struggle over a simple little blog. It was always thus, as evidenced by my feeble grade six 'O' level in English language and an outright fail in English literature.

I was hoping to be able to post some brand new photographs of the cars today. I have been talking to a wedding photographer who wants to do a mini photo shoot prior to writing a blog about vintage wedding cars and we have been trying to fix a meeting. Last week the rain was pouring down and I cancelled our appointment to avoid having to dry and clean the cars. Today's re-arranged meeting had to be cancelled as he had to look after a sick child. He has some great ideas for shots of the cars and I am keen to see the results, so I do hope we finally meet next week. Watch the website to see the photos; I shall publish them as soon as possible.

I remember taking a car to a fashion photo-shoot a year or so back. It seemed to take forever as the creative people fussed over the clothes, the poses and everything else, but they did provide some wonderful pictures of the cars. I do my best to get some decent shots at weddings, using my phone, but they aren't a patch on photos taken by the professionals.